Roomait offers multiple advantages for the development and marketing of your spaces

Plan and design

Plan the detailed build-out of entire office floors, living quarters or retail outlets with Roomait. How many conference rooms with which capacities? What is the impact of the cosy armchairs? How do we design the sales area? With our interactive, photo-realistic tool, you can design the individual finishing of all properties entirely according to the expectations of your customers.
real in app footage


Planning of the rooms incl. development costs

Move freely in 3D environment

choice of floor and wall materials.

GPS controlled daylight system.

Free placement of objects in space

Create multiple variants of your preferred styles

Making decisions together

Share access to your spaces with employees and clients, with your broker and your architect. Roomait enables the joint exploration and shaping of spaces, the sharing and securing of various designs to enable efficient and effective cooperation between all groups involved in the project.
real in app footage


Working together in the same room

Better understanding due to the high realism

Create marketing images and animations

Create high-quality images and film footage to market your customized spaces quickly and in a simple way. At any time and in unlimited quantities - at no additional cost.
real in app footage


Create visualizations with a click

Play films of the space

Gaining insight

Get up-to-date information on the attractiveness of your space and the expectations of your customers. Roomait provides you with an accurate understanding of marketing and development performance, as well as preferences and trends.
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Gain deeper insight into the behavior and preferences of your customers

Understanding design trends

Reduce marketing time and costs

Roomait optimizes the processes for brokers, asset managers, project developers and property owners: A significant cost saving right from the beginning. You will receive your virtual spaces in a matter of days to start implementing and visualising your client's wishes. Roomait will transform your creative, consultancy and marketing processes and thus significantly reduce the vacancy period of your space.
real in app footage


Jointly design your space

Central data pool

Available on all devices at any time

Customers have access to your real estate property at any time, regardless of their location or their device.

Only with Roomait